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Susan Frederick

Welcome to Golden Yoga Fusion!

Golden Yoga Fusion is a gentle yet powerful style of yoga class created by Susan Frederick. This is her website devoted to her class & all of the information she has to offer. She invites you to explore her site & hopefully learn more about yoga, health & living life to its fullest!

Susan is a dynamic, innovative, creative, joyful and spirited yoga teacher ( bilingual Bali Method specialist ) Susan grafted key aspects of other traditions in the tree of Yoga - (e.g. Sivananda, Astanga, Kundalini ) onto her strong Bali Method base, to offer students a uniquely well-rounded Yoga experience ( physical,emotional and mystical - for total health). She teaches group Yoga classes, workshops and also offers special classes focusing on relaxation with techniques of visualisation, hypnosis, breathwork, & meditation, gives private sessions of Yoga and Reiki Relaxation, is an artist, gardener, and co-owner of a company specialising in the preparation and distribution of nutritional supplements with specific health benefits. To read more about Susan, click here.

We will be updating the site periodically, so please come back often for more information! Namaste.

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